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Ike Setiawati1). Juwono2)


Background: Testosterone (Androgen) deficiency in men, which causing symptoms analogue to menopause in women, is called Andropause. The signs & symptoms caused by the decreasing of testosterone level usually occur in age of up to thirties, there is no research thet gives information about the prevelance of andropause in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta. The objective of this research is to know the prevalence of andropausal men above 30 years old in Bantul regency… Continue reading

Santy Flora D Delang1). Sukri Kardani2)


Background: Diabetic Retinopathy is an important long-standing complication of diabetes mellitus. It is caused by high incidence and it’s worse prognosis i.e actuity visual loss. High blood glucose levels (hyperglicemia) and long time endure of diabetic influence the severity of diabetic retinopathy. A long time hyperglycemia enhances changes the cellular component of basalis membranes of retinal cell, immune system, and platelets, therefore the atherosclerosis at the retinal vessels manifested. The… Continue reading

(Penelitian eksperimental laboratorik pada tikus Wistar
yang diinduksi 1,2 DMH subkutan, diet tinggi lemak dan protein)

Setya Dipayana1). Awal Prasetyo2)


Background: In America, colon cancer is the 3rd rank cause of death, and the incidency in Indonesia is the 5th rank. 1,2 Dimethylhidrazine (1,2 DMH) is a potent carsinogens induce colon carsinogensesis. Iles-iles or A. oncophyllus contains lignin as a potent antioxidant that stimulate cell apoptosis, glukomannan as natural fiber with high viscosity and fiber itself.… Continue reading