Monthly Archives: December 2006

Nidya Kartika Dewi1), Hardian2)


Background: Melatonin has been reported melatonin has hipolipidemic effect and could reduce blood lipid fraction level in rats that were given high cholesterol and high protein diet. The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of melatonin hormone supplement in reducing plasma lipid fraction (total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol).
Methods: This was an experimental study with parallel group post test only design. The sample were 16 male aged… Continue reading

Arnita Novitasari Saubig1), Meilien Himbawani2)


Background: Flat ion rebounding give beneficial impact and be also harmful to hair. This study was aimed to reveal the relation between the frequency of flat ion rebounding and the incidence of hair damage.
Methods: This was an analytical observational study with cross sectional design. The samples were 50 people who fulfilled the inclusion criteria by purposive sampling. The primary data collected as well as the hair were examined microscopically. The… Continue reading

Windy Saufia A1), Trilaksana Nugraha2)


Background: Piper betle Linn facilitate the tumor antigen initiation on immunosurveilance cells. Phylanthus niruri Linn improve the effectiveness of tumor cell of Adenocarcinoma mammae destruction. This study was aimed to prove any change of histopathological appearance of Adenocarcinoma mammae in C3H mice that give by Piper betle Linn and Phylanthus niruri Linn extracts.
Methods: This was a post-test only control group design, using 10 C3H mice that fulfilled the inclusion criteria,… Continue reading