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Widyoretno Rekyansari1), Musrichan2)


Background: Mostly, the quality of expectorated sputum is not appropriate for culture, because of bacterial contamination. The microscopic screening of sputum by Bartlett criteria may increase the diagnostic accuracy. The aim of the study was determining the quality of expectorated sample sputum and bacteria-differentiation on Gram-stain.
Methods: This cross-sectional study examined 33 expectorated-sputum of the lower respiratory tract infection patients submitted to Microbiology Laboratory Dr. Kariadi Hospital as samples. The sputum came from… Continue reading

Tania Ujinaka1), Hadi2)


Background: Blood is one of the evidence which is frequently found in the crime scene, especially inside the corpse. As an evidence, blood has a great potency to solve the crime, because DNA found in blood is one of the proofs of identity with ultimately high accuracy. The objective of this study is to observe correlation between samples storage period to quality and quantity of extracted DNA.
Methods: The current study was an… Continue reading

Astrid Aditya Rahmi1), Siti Fatimah Muis2)


Background: Food consumption as an important factor that will influence individual nutritional status, may come from main meals and snacks. Snacks play an important role in food diversification since childhood that hopefully will improve child nutritional status. The aim of this study is to describe the contribution of snacks to the overall energy protein intake and nutritional status of SDN Siliwangi’s children.
Methods: A descriptive analytic study with cross sectional… Continue reading

gambar 01

Ike Puspita Sari1), Diah Adriani2)


Background: Dandruff is the squamas on scalp which has or has not correlation with sebaceous glands. It’s marked by white or grey, small, pilled squamas, dandruff is concentrated or evenly distributed on scalp. Pityrosporum ovale is estimated as one of the dandruff causes. Ketokonazol is considered to be a big invention in the dandruff treatment by blocking ergosterol as an important component for membrane integrity of fungal cell. As an antiseptic to eliminate dandruff,… Continue reading